Meet Andy MeyersWelcome Fulshear Magazine Readers. We’re glad you’re here!

While Commissioner Andy Meyers has always been Andy Meyers, he hasn’t always been County Commissioner for Pct. 3 of Fort Bend County. In the article, you learned of Andy’s life. In the podcast below, you’ll learn a lot more.

We were honored that he would share some of his more personal side with our readers. We hope you agree.

We also had the opportunity to learn more from Commissioner Meyers through our podcast interview that we conducted recently. The first part of the podcast focuses on Commissioner Meyer’s life and times. The middle and end focuses on the mobility issues that are important to residents of Fulshear.

Please do take the time to listen to the Podcast. We believe that it will open the door to a new understanding of how Commissioner Meyers works to serve residents of Fulshear and Pct. 3 as well as all in Fort Bend County.

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