In Case of EmergencyWelcome Fulshear Magazine Readers. We’re glad you’re here!

Thank you for reading about Emergency Management in Fulshear, Texas.

If the article piqued your interest, perhaps you would like to get involved and work alongside others that are equally concerned for community safety. 

City of Fulshear Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

This office, headed by Jeff Braun, Emergency Management Director for Fort Bend County provides training, logistics, support, and guidance related to all aspects of Emergency Management within the County.

Citizen’s Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

CERT Teams are prepared when others aren’t. 

The focus with CERT is “Citizens”. Through this program, regular folks can be the first line of defense as well as the last hope for leadership in a true disaster. This training will provide you will the skills to save lives when monents matter.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

In times of a possible outbreak of disease, members of the Medical Reserve Corps may be called to quickly and effeciently distribute life-saving medications to members of the public. This important group organizes the distribution “Points of Distribution” (POD’s) that people will depend on if the need ever arises.

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