From the City of Fulshear

Area Mayors Attend Legislative Update

Fort Bend County area Mayors discuss critical issues.

County Judge Bob Hebert hosted the 2015 Fort Bend County Legislative Conference December 11-12, 2014 at the Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. Newly elected Senator Elect Lois Kolkhorst, County Judge Bob Hebert, Commissioner Andy Meyers, and Mayors Tommy Kuykendall, Daniel McJunkin, Vincent Morales, and Mary Rose Zdunkewicz attended and participated in the conference along with other Fort Bend County officials.

The conference brings together Fort Bend County’s local elected officials, school districts, higher education institutions, state representatives, and senators to highlight issues affecting Fort Bend County in the upcoming legislative session. The conference provides an opportunity to present and discuss legislative priorities and needs and develop a unified voice for the upcoming 2015 Legislative session in Austin which begins January 13, 2015.

Area Mayors Attend Legislative Update

Left to Right: Rosenberg Mayor Vincent Morales, Simonton Mayor Daniel McJunkin, Pct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers, Weston Lakes Mayor Mary Rose Zdunkewicz, Senator Lois Kolkhorst, Fulshear Mayor Tommy Kuykendall, Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert

Top issues discussed included transportation funding, public education funding, ad valorem tax revenue and appraisal caps, and healthcare costs for the uninsured.

Mayor Tommy Kuykendall stated, “This is my third legislative conference and the most informative yet. Fulshear’s immediate needs for transportation funding were highlighted during the Mayor’s panel and echoed by Lamar CISD and County officials throughout the conference. Unlike other areas of Texas, Fort Bend County officials work together to focus on a unified message and support one another. Although each City in Fort Bend County have their own unique local issues to contend with, it was informative to hear we share many common goals for the upcoming legislative session. Although Senator Elect Lois Kolkhorst recently won election on December 6th and is relatively new to Fort Bend County, she stepped in and gave Fort Bend County her vision while listening intently to the needs of the County, Cities, School Districts and Colleges. I am excited about Senator Elect Kolkhorst’s enthusiasm and vision as she represents Fort Bend County.”