On January, 5th, 2015, the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce (FACC) held a “Rope Cutting” to celebrate the “Grand Opening” of one of their newest members “First Choice Emergency Rooms.

With the FACC Board of Directors as well as Fulshear Council Woman Tricia Wright on hand, FACC Executive Director Don McCoy officiated the rope cutting to officially open the new Facility.

First Choice Emergency Room is located at 8111 West Grand Parkway South, Richmond, TX 77407.

CLICK HERE for a link to the website for this location.

About First Choice Emergency Rooms

FCER-logo-01First Choice boasts 24 locations in the Greater Houston Area and many more across the State of Texas. Per Dr. David Olson, spokesman for First Choice, the office provides a number of emergency and diagnostic medical services with a high degree of medical professionalism and with a patient-centered approach that is designed to get the patient diagnosed and treated fast. Patients can take advantage of online check-in to speed things up. However, according to Dr. Olson, even walk-in patients are regularly seen in under five-minutes. The location features seven trauma rooms, one of which is a pediatric room, decorated to make kids feel as comfortable as possible.

FCER-Location-01First Choice has full diagnostic staff that is able to provide a wide range of emergency services. These services include an on-site lab for quick test results, a full radiology department complete with on-site CT Scanning and digital X-ray machines. Having board-certified radiologists that can interpret scans off-site means that the doctor receives type-written radiology reports in an average of 7 minutes from the time the film is sent for review.

According to Dr. Olson, some of the benefits provided by First Choice Emergency Room are:

  • Don’t have the distractions of a big hospital Emergency Department
  • Patient volumes are slower resulting in faster diagnostic services and treatment
  • Well-maintained Facility is welcoming, bright, and clean
  • Average length of stay is often less than 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Wait time is typically just 2-3 minutes to get registered
  • Nurse sees patients within 1 minute
  • A Physician usually sees the patient within 5 minutes of the patient walking through the front door.
  • Labs are all performed on site resulting in quick lab results
  • Radiology performed on site, results within seven minutes.

Doctor Olson said “If we’re on our game, we can have everything back and done in under 45 minutes”. He went on to say “The local hospitals and prime physicians like our referrals and our admissions” and that “it’s much less phone work getting a patient out of here than it is (getting a patient) out of the Emergency Department of (a local major hospital) with our own service assistant. It’s one quick phone call…” Suprisingly, Dr. Olson points out that only five percent of patients will actually be admitted to the hospital, which is lower than the 10%-15% range of many hospitals.

First Choice encourages drive-in and walk-in traffic. With their experienced staff and state-of-the-art facility, Dr. Olson says that they are able to handle a variety of emergency diagnostic services and event treat some issues such as minor lacerations.

The company enjoys good relationships with all of the local area hospitals and can handle the transfers to their facilities as needed. Dr. Olson points out that “What I can do here is almost identicle to what I can do in the hospital Emergency Department”. “For the most part are people are board certified in emergency medicine” and that “the last (time) we looked, the average physician experience in emergency medicine was fifteen years, so we’re not the new kids on the block” and that “we have a very high level of personnel” and that the place is “very effecient” in order to “deliver a very high quality of care – very promptly and the patients like that .”