Charting Fulshear's Future, 01The newest issue of Fulshear Magazine is out. As readers will find, there is a great article covering the various aspects and impacts of the now-proposed Fulshear Home Rule Charter.

Fulshear Magazine Publisher, Daniel McJunkin wrote the article in an effort to educate and inform Fulshear voters as to the overall meaning of the measure.

Fulshear Mayor, Tommy Kuykendall was gracious enough to answer each of the questions posed in great detail. While there may be more interesting reading in Fulshear Magazine, we believe that there is probably no more important issue that this to Fulshear Voters.

For this reason, we feel that this document transcends normal publishing protocol. We are placing it online as a public service so that voters can use it as a jumping-off point for asking their own important questions about whether it may be time to change the structure of their city government.

Click HERE to read Daniel McJunkin’s Fulshear Magazine article: “Charting Fulshear’s Future”.