Churchill Fulshear Birthday Bash, 2016

From Left to Right – Jeff Roberts, Ramona Ridge, Andy Meyers, Wayne Thompson, Viola Randle, Jeff Duke, Erin Tristan, James Murdoch, and Laverne Patterson

Churchill Fulshear Birthday Bash, 2016

Mayor Jeff Roberts cuts Churchill Fulshear’s Birthday Cake

Churchill Fulshear would have been 208 years old had he been somehow fortunate enough to live to attend his birthday party on Sunday, July 10, 2016. However, even without Churchill there personally, what organizers Forever Fulshear and Thrive Church called “The First Annual Churchill Fulshear Birthday Bash” went on without a hitch.

Pct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers was present to witness as Fulshear Mayor, Jeff Roberts and property owner Jeff Duke welcomed the guests and subsequently cut and hand out the cake. On hand as well, were council members Erin Tristan, Ramona Ridge, and James Murdoch as well as Pct. 3 Constable-elect Wayne Thompson.

The event was held at the property where Churchill Fulshear built his “Lake Hill” mansion. As of cake-cutting time, an estimated 50 people were present including, their parents, and the party planners. The house on the property, which overlooks FM 1093, will remain and become office space for several organizations according to Jeff Duke. The property is also home to the final resting place of a number of prominent original Fulshear inhabitants, including Churchill Fulshear himself.

Happy Birthday Churchill – you don’t look a day over 199!