Home Rule Charter Document

At the December 15th meeting of the City of Fulshear, the city council was advised that the proposed home rule charter document was anticipated to be completed and approved by the Home Rule Charter committee at their scheduled December 16th meeting. It was.

The Home Rule Charter Commission has submitted the document to the City of Fulshear.

The City of Fulshear has since posted the twenty-two page document for public review on the city website. Note that the Fulshear City Council has not taken any action regarding the actual document, other than to have an outside legal firm review the document and provide comment. Once the document is received by the City of Fulshear, it will automatically be placed on the ballot. Public officials anticipate that the document will be voted on during the May election.

Cities in the State of Texas typically begin their lives as “General Law Cities” with a very limited authority to govern themselves. Once their population exceeds 5000, the voters can have the option to adopt their own specialized governing document, known as a “Home Rule Charter”. This document allows a small city to grow into a large city in the way that other large cities do.

Click HERE to read the approved “Home Rule Charter” document.