By Mike Roller,

1093 ExpansionI attended the recent meeting sponsored by TxDot to learn more specifically when long awaited construction would actually become a reality. In discussing the specifics with Commissioner Andy Meyers, he indicated that we’re still months away before we’ll see the commencement of any activity.

1093 Expansion

View of the Westpark Toll Road at FM 1463. However, this is in Phase II. In the first Phase, the expansion will end just past Spring Green.

Commissioner Meyers indicated that the first phase of the project is undergoing a final environmental review. It is based on revised designs that mostly altered the placement of the roadways as it took advantage of new right of way donations.The first Phase will extend the WestPark Toll Road west from Grand Parkway to the intersection at FM 723/Spring Green. In conjunction with this, FM 1093 will be widened to FM 1463. If the process stays on schedule, the project could go out for bid in May 2015 and construction would begin in August.

1093 Expansion

The last graphic shows how the newly divided FM 1093 will go through downtown Fulshear and terminate at James Lane.

The plans for Phase II have been drawn and would widen FM 1093 farther west through Fulshear out to James Lane. If approved for final review, the second phase could begin as early as January 2016. If you would like to view a map of the proposed expansion in its entirety, please .

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