Fulshear Candidate ForumsOn April 14, 2016, the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2016 City Council Candidate Forum. It was held at the Irene Stern Center in Fulshear, Texas.

The five candidates for city council have been invited to attend and to participate in the event.

The meeting was sponsored by Commercial State Bank. It was moderated by Mike McGown of Parkway Fellowship Church.

Fulshear.com was honored to be the streaming partner for the event. The uncut video of the two hour event is below.

Editorial Comment: The candidates each did a great job of presenting their positions on a number of important topics. They were kind, cordial and considerate of each others’ positions. Now it will be up to the voters of Fulshear to watch the video, consider each candidate’s position and vote for their favorite three candididates. Fulshear.com wishes them all well for the good of this unique, growing community.

For more information, visit the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce website HERE.