Welcome to the Fulshear City Council Regular Meeting Video Page.

Fulshear City SealWhen are regular meetings held?

The Fulshear City Council meets monthly, typically on the third Tuesday of each month to hold their “Regular City Council Meeting”.

What are the meeting requirements?

All meetings of cities (as well as virtually all taxing jurisdictions) must meet the requirements of the “Texas Open Meetings Act“. The most notable requirements of the act include but are not limited to:

  • The meeting agenda must be posted seventy-two hours in advance of the meeting (emergency meetings two hours in advance).
  • At a regular city council meeting, a quorum of three council members must be present. Alternatively, if the city council meets on a non-regular date, there must be four council members present.
  • The meeting must be open to the public
  • A record of the meeting must be maintained either by recorded “minutes” or an actual audio recording.
  • Discussion and Votes of a quorum of council regarding City Business must not take place outside of a public meeting
  • If the Mayor is not available, the Mayor Pro-Tem conducts the meeting.

Interestingly, the Mayor does not serve to create the quorum in a “Type A General Law City” such as Fulshear nor does he/she vote unless their vote is required in order to break a tie.

How are the meetings conducted?

At each city council meeting, the agenda will typically have certain components that are fairly standard across the state, although the items and the order are certainly up to local policy or tradition. One important point is that state law is effectively silent on the procedures used to maintain order in the meetings. However, Fulshear, as well as most “General Law” cities in our area implement their own interpretation of “Roberts Rules of Order”, which streamlines how meetings are conducted.

Ordinarily, meetings begin with a call to order and recognizing the presence of a quorum by the Mayor. Then, there may be an invocation, followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

Following the introductory elements, the first items are typically “Public Comments” where the public is allowed to present matters to the council. Interestingly, State law prohibits the city council from engaging in a discussion with the public if their item is not on the agenda. However the Mayor or the council may request the issue to be placed on a future agenda. Public Hearings may me held or other relatively minor issues before the business portion of the agenda is considered.

The meat of the meeting begins with the “Consent Agenda” items. These items are usually somewhat standard and include approving the minutes from previous meetings, approving bills paid, and other mundane city business. In the interest of time, all items on the Consent agenda is voted as a single motion making it a fairly quick agenda item.

Next, you’ll see staff reports. These are included to make sure that the City Council is aware of the status and needs of each department.

Numerous “Business” items typically follow and make up the bulk of the council meeting.

Open Meetings and Executive Session

Although State Law requires all public meetings to be held in the open, occasionally, certain matters may be discussed behind closed doors in “Executive” session. These are matters that the Texas Legislature has set aside to insure the privacy of discussion regarding a very limited set of issues that all cities face from time to time: employee matters, real estate related matters, and consultation with an attorney regarding a legal matter such as pending litigation. The city reserves the right to adjourn into Executive Session as the need arises. However, no vote may take place behind closed doors. A vote, if one is required, must be on the agenda and must be held in full view of the attendees at the meeting.


As with all city meetings, the public is invited – and even encouraged to attend. Due to the limited seating available at Fulshear City Hall, the City of Fulshear is currently considering “live streaming” of their meetings. The resulting live streams will be archived and available for public review on this website to the greatest degree possible.

If you have comments about this, feel free to use our contact form to let us know your thoughts. Enjoy.

Video of “Regular” City Council Meetings:


Video Online: Fulshear City Council Regular Meeting, 07-19-16

Video Online: Fulshear City Council Regular Meeting, 07-19-16

Tuesday, July 19, 2016, we live streamed the following meeting: 7:00 pm: City Council Regular Meeting at the Irene Stern Community Center.

There were several interesting outcomes from the meeting. Here’s a rundown of the more important elements.

Four citizens commented during “Citizen Comments”.

Consent items passed, after some discussion.

Under “Business Items”, most people came to see what would happen when the council got to Items N through S. These were the items dealing with the appointment or replacement of volunteers serving on commissions, committees, and corporations.

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