Fulshear City SealThe Fulshear City Council will hold a “Special Meeting”. It is scheduled for Monday, August 1, 2016 at 6:00 pm.

The agenda for the meeting can be found at THIS LINK.

We plan to be on hand to live-stream the meeting via Facebook Live. Like our page asap to get notified the moment we go live – @fulsheartexas.

There are four items on the agenda, the first three (A, B, & C) deal with appointing new board members to three groups: The Parks and Recreation Commission, The city’s 4A Corporation and the city’s 4B corporation.

The items regarding the new appointments would appear to effectively discharge and replace certain volunteers that served on the corporations and the commission under the previous administration. To opponents of making the changes, it appears that the ‘new broom is sweeping clean’  to remove appointees from the previous administration for political reasons. The Mayor is on record that it is his prerogative to make such nominations. It is up to the council to ratify the nominations by a majority vote.

The fourth matter on the agenda (D) is believed to be technical and procedural in nature, relating to a previous agreement that will allow for continued development “…located within Cross Creek Ranch”. It is anticipated that there will be no opposition to this item.

Last-but-not-least, there is an item that is not specifically listed on the agenda, but is presumed to be discussed in the announced “Executive Session” (III). It is believed by some that discussions on this item may include the matter of what has been described as a possible land transaction including the City of Fulshear, Texas. Executive session items are discussed in a “closed-door” (secret) session. Actual action must take place in a reconvened open session. Possible action on this item could include a vote to move forward and consummate the sale.

Critics of this item claim that under the previously-negotiated deal, the city would overpay significantly for the property and that the seller would receive a huge windfall in the millions of dollars. Proponents counter, saying that the city negotiated the matter previously and should move forward to complete the deal. Following each of the two previous similar “executive sessions”, the council has failed to take any action.

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IF the facebook live stream fails, we intend to switch to the youtube channel. If that is the case, the video should appear below.