While the hard-copy edition of Fulshear Magazine will soon be delivered directly to our subscribers as well as the highest valued properties that surround the Greater Fulshear Area, we are pleased to announce that the new issue of Fulshear Magazine is now available online.

Fulshear Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1, CoverSo, if you’d like to have a peek inside, now is a good time.

Here is a link to the ONLINE version of the new issue.

In this issue, you’ll find some great informative articles that will help you know more about what’s happening in the greater Fulshear area. To give you a heads-up, you’ll find feature articles such as:

  • Learn about Fulshear’s Founding Father in “Churchill Fulshear, His Land, His Family, His Home, & His Legacy”. This article, written by Terry Crockett gives us context about this remarkable individual for whom this city is named. You’ll find some great historical photos too.
  • Jaclyn Ritter has written a fun and interesting article about the Valley Lodge Trail Ride that has become a true Texas Tradition. Spoiler Alert: They riders will be coming through Fulshear on their way to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo real soon – read the article to learn when. You’re invited to bring your kids out to see this excellent example of our area’s rich western heritage.
  • Through the article “More than an Exchange”, you’ll learn about how one local family has reached around the globe to encourage cross-cultural education. This article by Jaclyn Ritter discusses Becky Daves and what it’s like to host a foreign exchange student.
  • Visit Alaska through the insight of Fulshear Magazine’s own travel expert, Terrie Olliver. Terrie has traveled the world and brings her insights right to your home through this great article on America’s coldest travel destination. Hint: It’s not too late to book your trip!
  • In this issue, we introduce our newest contributing writer, Susan Strickland. Susan’s love of our area’s history inspires her to dig deep into our area’s past. She has written two wonderful articles that bring it all to life: “Celebrated Ground Beneath our Feet” and “So Where Do You Cross Paths with the Old 300?” are excellent primers on our area’s sometimes suprising History. By the way, if you though you knew everything about the subject, you may just learn that things were different than what you thought.
  •  In “Charting Fulshear’s Future” you’ll learn Mayor Tommy Kuykendall’s thoughts about what adopting a home rule charter might mean, look no further than this article.
  • And MANY MORE interesting and informative features.

We now that you’ll enjoy this, our fourth issue.