Fulshear Police Chief Kenny Seymour, Active Shooter Discussion in Weston Lakes, 03-08-16,

By Jaclyn Ritter

Tuesday evening, March 8th, residents of Weston Lakes gathered to listen to Fulshear Chief of Police Kenny Seymour discuss what to do in an active shooter situation.  Chief Seymore assured the group that shootings take place anywhere and everywhere and that an informed community is a safer community.

While a lot of great information was discussed in the two hour session, the key thing to take away from everything was that nothing good can happen when we are in a state of denial or panic.  The key to any situation like this is to decipher, make a decision and act as quickly as possible.  To do that we need to remain calm – avoiding a quick spike in our blood pressure that hinders our ability to act as it rises.

Chief Kenny Seymour plans on offering this informative presentation to more Fulshear residents soon.  It is definitely worth your time to attend meetings such as this.  Remember: AN INFORMED COMMUNITY IS A SAFER COMMUNITY.