Fulshear-Simonton LogoBy Kim Stacy, FSHS Board President

It’s another historical moment-in-time for the Fulshear-Simonton community.  Thankfully, this time, it’s not a flood or a fire, but the formation of the Fulshear-Simonton Heritage Society.  Both Fulshear and Simonton have partnered together in the past with the Fulshear-Simonton Volunteer Fire Department, the Bob Lutts Fulshear-Simonton Library, and of course the Fulshear-Simonton Lions Club!

Frances Smart and Jo Douglass, two long-time residents and best friends have been collecting historical items for many years.  It has long been their dream to open a museum so others may begin to understand and appreciate the unique history of Fulshear-Simonton.

The Fulshear-Simonton Heritage Society will be looking to adopt the following Mission Statement at their next Board meeting:  “It is the mission of the Fulshear-Simonton Heritage Society to collect, catalogue, preserve, curate, prepare, present and share with future generations, the rich historic heritage, which is found in and around the area of Northwest Fort Bend County, Texas. Through the work of this group, we will endeavor to understand the collective history of our area so that we may be better able to honor the legacies of those who created the family and cultural foundations on which our area is now so fortunate to build.”

The Fulshear-Simonton Heritage Society Board of Directors is comprised of President, Kim Stacy; Vice-President, Gilbert “Herc” Meier, Jr.; Second Vice-President, Debra Sabrsula; Treasurer, Terry Crockett; Secretary, Rhonda Kuykendall; Assistant Secretary, Daniel McJunkin; Honorary Board Members Jo Douglass, Viola Randle and Frances Smart.

We appreciate all of the support and excitement The Society has garnered.  We hosted our first general information meeting on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.  In addition to the Board Members, attendees were Viola Randle, Carole McCann, Linda Wooten, Cheryl Stalinsky, Tommy Kuykendall, Susan Strickland, Robert Foster, Leigh John Bentley, and Sonya Simmons.

Once we have received our 501(c)3 designation, we will be kicking off our first gala.  Memberships will be available on the website, so you may be “A Friend of Fulshear-Simonton Heritage Society”.   We can be found at www.FulshearSimontonHeritage.org, on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FulshearSimontonHeritageSociety, Twitter: www.twitter.com/fsheritage @FSheritage, and on Instagram: www.instagram.com/fsheritage/.

If you have items such as photographs, diaries, journals, maps, etc., you would like to share or donate, please contact The Society at Info@FulshearSimontonHeritageSociety.org.  Stay tuned, in the coming weeks and months, The Society will be releasing interviews and background stories on many families of the Fulshear-Simonton area.