Fulshear Voter Guide

Fulshear Voter Guide - Coming Early March!We want to help Fulshear Residents meet the candidates for the upcoming Fulshear Mayor and City Council elections. So, we have taken on the action item of creating an online Voter Guide. If you landed on this page, it’s because we are still working on the new website for the guide: FulshearVoterGuide.com.

We have reached out to the candidates and each has expressed an interest in participating.

We are building the website now (it’s almost finished!) and we have asked the candidates to answer a generic set of questions so that Fulshear Voters can get to know them before the election.

We will begin posting the candidates’ information as soon as they provide it, although we have asked the candidates to reply to our questions by March 8th, 2016.

Besides answers to our questions, the candidates are encouraged to provide us with their photo, website and email links, as well as links to their social media.

Stay tuned! We’ll post the information as soon as it’s available.