On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, the City of Fulshear held the first of three planned public meetings, which are intended to educate Fulshear voters as to the elements of the proposed ‘Home Rule Charter”.

The issue of whether to adopt a home rule charter will ultimately rest in the hands of the voters at the upcoming election that is scheduled for May 7, 2016.

The meeting was hosted by Fulshear Mayor, Tommy Kuykendall The primary speaker at the meeting was Dr. James Thurmond, Ph. D., a highly esteemed expert on the matter. Dr. Thurmond has acted as city manager for a number of cities in Texas and currently serves as a Professor for the University of Houston. Dr. Thurmond acted as an adviser to the Home Rule Charter commission during their deliberations.

Fulshear.com is pleased to present the following video so that voters can learn more about the issue and whether to vote to adopt the charter.

Note, the current issue of Fulshear Magazine contains a great article titled “Charting Fulshear’s Future” that features a detailed, six-page, question and answer “FAQ” that is widely regarded as a great primer on the subject of Fulshear’s proposed home rule charter.

If you are a Fulshear resident, we encourage you to share the link to this page with other area residents. There are two more meetings planned on the matter. If you have immediate questions, please visit the City of Fulshear’s website at: http://www.fulsheartexas.gov/ .

Special thanks to Mr. Don McCoy for shooting and providing the video.

HeBelow is the Fulshear Magazine article titled, “Charting Fulshear’s Future”.