Fulshear Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 2

Be on the lookout for the Latest issue of Fulshear Magazine. It is set to hit news stands and mailboxes within days. We know that you’re going to love this issue because we sure do. We’ve already heard great feedback about this issue and some are saying that this is our best issue yet – but we don’t mean to brag.

Turn the pages and meet your neighbors – one word at a time. As many of our visitors know, Fulshear Magazine is the highly-polished lifestyle magazine that focuses on the “Past Present and Future” of this fine wide-spread community.

This issue introduces readers to some of the most interesting people in the Greater Fulshear Area.

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Here is a list of this issue’s primary articles and features…

– but there’s still more in this issue of Fulshear Magazine!

 James Phillips

“It’s All in the Wood”

by Jaclyn Ritter

Here is your introduction to wood carver, James Phillips. While you can’t fix a fallen tree, James’ work turns stumps into engaging artistic masterpieces. Apparently, all it takes to create them is a chainsaw, talent, and a whole lot of Dr. Pepper.

 Early Days in Fulshear

“Early Days in Fulshear, The Harris Family”

by Terry Crockett

This reminder of our area’s past focuses on the impact of the Harris Family. From his humble beginnings, With family still living in Fort Bend County, Dr. RL Harris became a respected founding member of the Fulshear area’s farming community, owning the land that would eventually become Fulbrook and Weston Lakes.

 A Place of Healing

“A Place of Healing”

by Jaclyn Ritter

You’ll learn about survivor Sarah Hughes and her mom, Fiona. Together, they established medical history with ground breaking Stem Cell treatments and overcame what was a truly debilitating illness for Sarah.

 Get your motor runnin

 “Get Your Motor Runnin'”

by Jaclyn Ritter

Join the West Enders and “Get Your Motor Runnin’ with this great article that features our areas’ top car collectors. You’ll re-live your glory days as you drool over these fine examples of automotive history.

 Simonton Flood, 2014, Dave Mullins Collection, Fulshear Magazine

“Still Wild, Still Untamed, The Brazos River”

by Susan Lowe Strickland

Witness the 1913 flood while learning about Texas’ efforts to control the mighty Brazos River through this great article by Susan Lowe Strickland. You’ll learn how, despite the State of Texas’ best efforts, the Brazos is yet to be tamed.

 Marie Maresh, Simonton Flood Survior with Disaster Recovery Worker, Marcell Hunt

“A Time to Recover”

by Daniel McJunkin

Meet Simonton neighbor Marie Maresh and find out what it’s like to be seventy-three years old and have to deal with losing a lifetime of memories to the worst flood in recent history. The real story is how hundreds of volunteers rallied around her small community to restore hope and prepare the way for rebuilding homes and lives.

 Open Hands

“Open Hands”

by Susan Lowe Strickland

Hats come in more styles than most can name, but this “Hatter” is on the job to help you find and take care of the perfect hat. Whether you wear one for form or for function, Neil Shudde is passing on his legacy with every hat he sells.

 CJ McDaniel, Caddy

“Would You Like a Job Outside…Making $500,000 per Year?”

by CJ McDaniel

Learn the easy way to make a half a million dollars or more by becoming a golfing caddy – and why it’s not a job for everyone. CJ McDaniel’s gives you his unique perspective on this dwindling profession, while celebrating the history of his favorite sport.

 Reading, Riting, Rithmatic

“Reading, ‘Riting, & ‘Rithmetic”

by Susan Lowe Strickland

Find out what school life was like before federal lunch subsidies and extra curricular activities. The one-room schoolhouse kept everyone close to home in this article about the early days of education in our area.

 Brookwood, The Community that Continues to Give Back

“The Brookwood Community. The Community that Continues to Give Back”

by Jaclyn Ritter

Hear about Yvonne Streit and how in seeking a solution for her child in need, she provided a place of hope and purpose for generations – including helping one troubled teen who would become a Hollywood A-Lister (Hint: Anyone know about ‘Woody’?)

Karen Van Holton, Estate Planning

“My Husband Would Own My Shoes, but I Wouldn’t Own His Left Boot”

by Karen Van Holten

Local Attorney Karen Van Holten teaches us about the importance of estate planning through her entertaining educational article about boots and shoes. You’ll understand what we mean once you read about it.

Fulshear Police Foundation

Supporting Fulshear’s Finest

by Daniel McJunkin

Finally, learn about how Clay Stewart sought to serve those that protect our community by forming the Fulshear Police Foundation along with some of Fulshear’s most concerned and appreciative community leaders.