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Staff at Congressman Pete Olson’s office have invited Mayors from Fulshear and Simonton as well as several Fort Bend County cities to participate in a dialogue with Postal Service representatives. The meeting is intended to allow local officials present their complaints and seek a solution to a local postal addressing concerns.

In Fulshear, residents along Bois d’ Arc road complain that in order to receive mail at their home mail box, they must use a Richmond, Texas address even though they are officially located in Fulshear’s City Limits. Residents that want their mail to reflect a Fulshear, Texas address must use a Post Office Box.¬†This can create confusion for deliveries of products purchased over the telephone or online. In many cases, sellers require a delivery address to mach the postal address listed on the credit card.

Simonton faces a similar issue. Residents there that would like mail delivered to a mail box at their home or business must use a Wallis, Texas address because the Simonton post office does not provide for mail delivery. According to Simonton Mayor, Daniel McJunkin, “The Simonton Postmaster has been quite interested in helping the City to seek a solution to the problem in the past. The Wallis, Texas postmaster was absolutely unsympathetic. For that reason, we sought Congressman Olson’s help getting this resolved.”

Simonton Mayor McJunkin said “The problem is multi-faceted. It impacts deliveries of all types of products. The intentional misreporting of local physical addresses under this arcane horse-and-buggy system has the potential to impact sales tax collection, GPS utilization, insurance ratings and prices, emergency vehicle location, telephone and electric service availability, property deed records and much more. It’s only going to get worse and more confusing as our community grows. We have to get this fixed.”

The meeting is scheduled be held at Congressman Olson’s Sugarland Office on Monday, February 2nd.