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Fulshear Magazine is Fulshear’s newest and most dynamic media resource. By combining the power of print with the staying power of online media, Fulshear Magazine will keep you in front of Fulshear’s growing market better and longer than any other.

From full page premium placements, to feature and business ads, we are pleased to say that Fulshear Magazine presents many options for our advertisers. We offer options for businesses of all sizes. (click here to see our distribution channels).

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Media Guide Rates and Services

What ad sizes do we offer?

Fulshear Magazine, Rates and Specifications

Traditional Ad Sizes*:

  • Full Page – With or without bleed
  • Half Page
  • Third Page
  • Quarter Page

*Artwork provided by advertiser

What options do we offer?

Article Features
CCR-ArticleWe have found that the more a prospective customer knows about you as a business, your passion for serving your customer, followed by your company’s history, mission, and vision, the more likely they are to do business with your firm.

Advertisers can request an in-depth “newsworthy” overview or review of their firm. Through a “Feature”, we can write an article that expresses more depth that a traditional advertisement ever could.

A “Feature” is different than a traditional ad, because the message is about the culture of your company and why through your industry knowledge, your business and its offerings should be relevant to the reader. This form of introduction can help to build a trust relationship with your prospective customer and can be pivotal to a buying decision.

Video Interviews and Company Overviews
Video FeaturesA video is worth a thousand pictures.

You want Video. It is a great approach for many advertisers because it lets your target market find our more and to do so on their own schedule. Fulshear Magazine and can work together to help you bridge the gap between print and online media.

Someday, we’ll be able to include a video in a magazine. Until then, we can link from print to online media. This is an important benefit because digital media is so directly accessible on all of our connected devices.

It is a natural conclusion that some of our advertisers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to further introduce themselves by choosing our affordable media services. We’re here as a platform to make it happen.

We can produce your video or other media content and include links to it in your advertisement or article via QR codes or a tradional URL. Fulshear Magazine and are the best approach for you.

Online Articles and Links to your Content
Some article “Features” have a place online as well as in print. We utilize a 360 degree approach to delivering content and media. We believe that Fulshear Magazine should have a strong website as an online component that augments the advertiser’s message and that our website should lead visitors to subscribe to Fulshear Magazine or its digital online counterpart.

At your option, your advertisement or article “Feature” can have a life on both platforms. This way, we can work with your to shape your message to your prospective customer to drive business your way.

 How does our process work?

We’re glad to help you pick the right advertising options for your company. Once you’ve selected the ad size that works for you, give us a call so that we can help you to refine your vision and to receive your ad insertion order. Once you’re satisfied and we’ve received your payment, we’ll have our graphic artist contact you in order to gather the necessary information.

Many advertisers have their own “camera ready art”. If you don’t currently have an ad prepared, that’s not really a problem. We’ll be glad to provide very affordable layout services in order to get your ad up and running. You will need to provide us with any photographs, logos, or other graphics that you want us to use as we prepare your advertisement. If needed, we can refer you to graphic arts professionals that can provide these services at nominal market rates.

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