Fulshear State of the City, 2015

On December 4th, 2015, Mayor Tommy Kuykendall presented the annual “State of the City” address. The event, held at the Texas Safari Ranch main ballroom, was designed to spotlight the unique opportunities found in the City of Fulshear, showcase the city’s achievements, and discuss plans for managing its rapid growth. The event, which is is sponsored by the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce, is underwritten by some of the most prominent businesses and developers in Fort Bend County.

Fulshear State of the City, 2015Traditional Christmas music, provided by members of the Lone Star Symphonic Band, filled the air as attendees took their seats.

Don McCoy, Executive Director of the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce, opened the meeting by welcoming attendees and recognizing elected officials.

Ty Kuykendall, Mayor Kuykendall’s son, led the invocation. The LCISD Color Guard presented the United States and Texas flags. The Huggins Elementary School Choir, directed by Jill Norwood, sang the “Pledge of Allegiance’.

Mr. McCoy then presented a short video flyover that was videoed using Fulshear’s new aerial drone. The drone is known as “FREDD”, which is an acronym for “Fulshear Reconnaissance and Economic Development Drone”. The video of the flyover and the piloting of the drone was created by Wingnut Arial Video Systems.

Fulshear State of the City, 2015NewFirst Bank served as the “Presenting Sponsor” providing Mr. Terry Crockett, Vice President of NewFirst Bank, the opportunity to introduce Mayor Kuykendall. The Mayor, acknowledging the contributions of others, introduced the City Council Members in attendance. He then recognized CJ Snipes, City administrator as well as the and the various department heads and employees. He thanked his family members for their attendance as well.

Fulshear State of the City, 2015 Saying that “Fulshear’s tagline says it all: ‘Find your future in Fulshear'”, Mayor Kuykendall said that “This is a very exciting time in the growth and development of Fulshear. Fulshear’s rich history of embracing change and accepting guided and sustainable development has positioned us as a place where families and new businesses want to be.”

In his remarks, Mayor Kuykendall highlighted Fulshear’s history as well as the the opportunities and accomplishments of each of the city’s various departments. The Mayor announced proudly that due to good management that the city had no debt, a unique thing for such a rapidly growing community. He discussed some of the local businesses, its character and charm, as well as the plans that developers have and the city.

In his closing remarks, Mayor Kuykendall thanked all that attended by saying “I thank each one of you for being part of our State of the City presentation this morning.” He continued, saying “Let’s go out and keep up the great work that we’ve all started together.”