The Fulshear Voter Guide

The Fulshear Voter Guide is now online at

We are pleased to announce that the new “Fulshear Voter Guide”,, is now online.

The Fulshear Voter Guide is provided as a public service by your friends at

So, why did we produce the Fulshear Voter Guide? We thought that the Fulshear community needed a unified jumping off place where all candidates were presented without bias. We came up with a list of questions – the kind that we imagined our readers would ask in a casual setting. If you want answers to more specific questions, we hope and presume that you’ll visit their respective social media and websites or simply email the respective candidates.

We intend to add features that will enhance the public’s access to important election information. This might include notices of public meetings and candidate forums as well as candidate videos, photos, and other information that they might provide. We’ll have to see. For now, take a look at the site and¬†start following the candidates.

By the way, is intended to present each candidate fairly using information that they provided. We did not charge the candidates that appear on the website. We will not have any advertising on the website. We will only ask the type of question that all candidates can answer fairly. If a question is asked of one candidate, all candidates will have the opportunity to answer it.