Fulshear Candidate Forum Panel, 04-16-15
On April 16, 2015, the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum at the Irene Stern Center in Fulshear, so that the eight candidates running for the two open city council positions could be represented to the voters. The intent of the moderated forum was to allow members of the community to ask questions of the candidates and hear their responses.

Here are the photos of the Council Member Candidates that attended:

Video, Part 1

 Video, Part 2

  Audio Only (This podcast includes the unedited audio from the evening’s forum.):

Don McCoy officiated the event and introduced the candidates in attendance and kept the meeting moving.

Commercial State Bank sponsored the forum and The Bank’s Executive Vice President, Joann Miller, served as moderator, reading from the questions that had been submitted.

Overall, 18 questions were asked of the six candidates that attended.

Candidates in attendance were:

  • J. B. Collins, Incumbent
  • Stephen Gill, Incumbent
  • Braxton Daily
  • Steve Pohlman
  • Ramona Ridge
  • Erin Tristan 

Absent from the meeting, were candidates:

  • Lee Patton
  • Benny Prince

About 70 people were in attendance and stayed for the over two-hour session. 

Special thanks to the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce as well as to Commercial State Bank for putting on the event.