Cheryl Stalinsky, Fulshear Economic Development Director

Cheryl Stalinsky, Fulshear Economic Development Director. Photo by Nancy Jones Photography

Recently, I caught up with the city of Fulshear’s Economic Development Director, Cheryl Stalinsky. Getting her to slow down for an interview was no small feat. If you know her, you also know that she’s always on the run.

What I discovered through my interview is that I didn’t really know Cheryl as well as I thought – having judged her more from the surface of her profession than from her heart. I found that the person I see today has overcome a lot in her life. From her beginnings and growing up in a loving family, to the struggles to make her own way, to her finding her own success through her faith, her family and her career.

In this interview, Cheryl opened up and shared her very human story. She discussed the influence that her grandfather and father had in shaping her character. She described her failed first marriage and the “jokes-on-you” event that brought about of her second one.

Cheryl opened up about her very personal story of tragedy in her family; of losing a child and of another child that was injured in a tragic car crash. She talked about her faith and why she is strongly pro-life speaking of the love she has for the grandchild that was almost cast aside.

Cheryl talked about her life as a business owner and the difficulties of running a family business when times are lean. She also described closing a travel agency after losing friends in the “Twin Towers” on 911.

We spent much of our time together talking about how she came to live and work in Fulshear as well as of her love for her adopted community. She also opened up about her role as Fulshear’s Economic Development Director and how far Fulshear has come since she started in her role of attracting businesses to build in Fulshear.

Finally, Cheryl reflected on how much her faith has played a part in her career. She discussed pride in her accomplishments and knowing that there are still other great opportunities awaiting her.