In this episode of Fulshear Spotlight, Don McCoy and Daniel McJunkin discuss infrastructure with Gaby Tassin. Gaby is a Project Manager with Cobb, Fendley, & Associates, Inc., aka “CobbFendley”


CobbFendleyLogoAccording to their website, “CobbFendley was formed in Houston in 1980 to provide professional civil engineering and land surveying services. Our founders, Mr. John ‘Odis’ Cobb and Mr. William Fendley, have seen CobbFendley grow into a top-ranking firm that offers a range of integrated services that support value and quality-based solutions for our clients.?

From Roads to Water projects, the segments of the show will spotlight and provide analysis about the various items of local infrastructure so that listeners will know what’s coming to the Fulshear area next and how it will impact their lives.