We are pleased to present the video of the City Council Meeting that was held June 21, 2016.

This meeting was reasonably brief.

Although there were two people that spoke during public comments time, the gallery was surprisingly empty as compared to previous meetings. For the first time in memory, as the Mayor announced, the Fire Marshall became concerned that the council chamber could no longer hold the crowds safely. For that reason, according to the Mayor’s comments, entrance to the building would be limited and late-comers would apparently be denied access to the meeting.

We’re sure that this video will allow the public to know what transpired at the meeting.

As you’ll see in the video, Council Member Trisha Krenek asserted that people have the right to attend city meetings and that if this was going to become a policy, that she would like to see future meetings moved to the Irene Stern Community Center. The Mayor was non-committal on the matter, citing security and safety concerns.