shock-treatmentNeighbors, if you have a rural home, the chances are pretty high that you have a water well that provides water to your household. If you do, we have help for you.

If you are on municipal (city) water, you won’t get much out of this article.

If you are still with me, I presume that you have a water well and want to learn how to sanitize it. Good.

If you have the money and don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can hire a water well company to handle the work for you. While they’re at it, a water well company can double check the electrical connections for you to make sure it’s still safe to operate.

First DON’T operate your well until you sanitize it!

We have some documents from Fort Bend County Environmental Helth that may help you to know what to do. Here they are:

Brochure: “Disinfecting Wells”

Brochure: “Is Your Well Flooded? Disinfect It Before You Drink It!”


Here is an in-depth overview document that will help you to get your flooded home back together .

56 Page PDF Booklet: “Repairing Your Flooded Home”.

Here is a video that may help you to understand the sanitizing process.

Double Bonus: 

Here are some YouTube videos that cover disinfecting water wells. Enjoy!