Andy Meyers Breakfast, Photo Courtesy of West Fort Bend Buzz

Senator Ted Cruz addresses annual Andy Meyers breakfast. Photo Courtesy of the West Fort Bend Buzz

Monday, January 19, 2015

United States Senator, Ted Cruz was the keynote speaker for Andy Meyers’ annual breakfast event. He addressed a capacity crowd in the main ballroom at Texas Safari Ranch, a well known event venue.

The invitation-only meeting is a food and fund raiser for Katy Christian Ministries and Second Mile Mission, which receive all proceeds from the event. Both are among Commissioner Meyers’ favorite charities, receiving his strong support.

Senator Cruz, one of Texas’ two Republican Senators, has made a name for himself while he presses the Washington establishment for change. Although unannounced, Senator Cruz is expected to be among the field of potential Presidential hopefuls in 2016.

Photo courtesy of the West Fort Bend Buzz.