Simonton Mayor Pardons the turkeys at Blessington Farms in Simonton

L-R: Simonton Council Member and Animal Control Officer Mike Meade, Bill Knesek, Cindy Sharp, Simonton Mayor Daniel McJunkin, Faith Haley, Lynne Johnson, Dr Monica Janicek, DVM, Pastor Chris Salnier, and Chef Anthonie Dekker.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, and in a last-minute act of concern and compassion, Simonton Mayor, Daniel McJunkin has pardoned the turkeys at Blessington Farms in Simonton. The rare “Mayoral Pardon” will ensure that the turkeys at Blessington Farms will enjoy another year at Simonton’s premier entertainment venue.

Owner, Lynne Johnson, was heard to remark that she was pleased and relieved that the turkeys in her care were assured of their safety during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Simonton Mayor, Daniel McJunkin, said “If our president can pardon the national turkey, it only makes sense that I do the same for our fair city of Simonton.

Of course, the “Mayoral Pardon” was all in good fun and a number of good-natured city leaders were on hand to approve of the pardoning.

In the group were Mike Meade, Simonton Animal Control Officer. He was joined by Bill Knesek, Simonton Economic Development Consultant, Cindy Sharp and Faith Haley. Also in attendance was Dr. Monica Janicek of Simonton Veterinary Clinic, Pastor Chris Salnier with Simonton Community Church, and Anthonie Dekker of Anthonie’s Market Grill, which is currently under construction in Simonton and due to open in March.

Mayor McJunkin and all those at the “Pardoning Party” would like to wish all in our area from Fulshear to Weston Lakes and Simonton the best Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Also, be sure to meet the Blessington Turkeys for yourself. Bring your family to Blessington Farms in Simonton. When you visit, you’ll surely find a lot of fun.